Big Data Workshop at the University of Hull – 15 July 2014

Hull University Business School (HUBS) and the Department of Computer Science are hosting a Big Data conference and workshop on Tuesday 15 July 2014.
The purpose of the event is to bring together senior managers, business leaders, practitioners and academics from across the University to identify topics in Big Data and business analytics that are of key importance to industry. In particular, we will consider (1) how can organisations use Big Data and business analytics to create business value, (2) the organisational and technical barriers and enablers to the exploitation of Big Data and analytics and (3) how industry, the public sector and academia might work collaborate to address these issues.

Confirmed speakers include Rear Admiral Nick Lambert (Nick Lambert Associates), Ben Wrigley (Business Intelligence Manager, Kingston Communications), Jon Moss (C4DI/Hull Digital), and John Morton (CxO Big Data Advisor, ex SAS Regional CTO). Professors Ken Hawick (Computer Science) and Richard Vidgen (HUBS) will give an update on research developments. The day will wrap up with a plenary session to identify key issues from the presentations and to set out the next steps and action points.

For more details of the event and to register:

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