Creating value from Big Data

As part of the Nemode project I conducted a research project into Big Data, business analytics, and the role of the data scientist. Three case studies of organisations with large volumes of data and established analytics functions were conducted: pseudonymously these are MobCo, a mobile telecoms operator, MediaCo, a television broadcaster, and CityTrans, a provider of transport services to a major city. The research was guided by a framework in which value creation from data is mediated by an organisation’s business analytics capability. This capability is framed using a socio-technical model of people and processes, management and technology. The report highlights twenty key findings for organisations embarking on an analytics journey. It further introduces a data eco-system, an analytics maturity model, and an analytics process model (these loosely address Pettigrew’s organisational change dimensions of context, content, process).

The report is available on the Hull University Business School (here) and on the Nemode site (here). It should be cited as:

Vidgen, R., (2014). Creating business value from Big Data and business analytics: organisational, managerial and human resource implications. Hull University Business School Research Memorandum, no. 94, ISBN 978-1-906422-31-8.

A summary of the report is in this presentation:


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