Analytics value innovation methodology [AnVIM]

All organizations have limited resources and have to be mindful of where their time, money, people, and attention are focused. Without a clear business analytics strategy – which must be aligned with the organization’s business strategy and business model – it is unlikely that the potential of business analytics will be achieved (indeed, much time and money are likely to be wasted).

We have been working on a way of developing a business analytics strategy that is aligned with the business strategy and business model, i.e., the creation of a portfolio of analytics developments that will add value to an organization or focal business unit.

AnVIM uses a combination of the business model canvas (BMC), developed by Osterwalder and Peigneur, and systems thinking to provide context and depth to the business model. This analysis is followed by a mapping from business model to analytics opportunities:



AnVIM has been presented and workshopped at Operational Research conferences over the last two years and we are looking for collaborators who would like to experiment with the approach and work with us to develop it further.

Find out more about AnVIM in our white paper.

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