Three AI resources for managers

As part of my MBA course in business analytics we run a NewsHound forum where students post relevant stories about analytics that emerge as the course is running. The big story of 2017/8 has been artificial intelligence (AI). Some useful resources for managers have been identified during the course:

  1. McKinsey have published An Executive’s Guide to AI, which provides history, definitions, and use cases for AI. The guide distinguishes between machine learning and deep learning and provides use cases that are insightful illustrations of how AI can be used. The guide is also packaged in an accessible interactive format.
  2. Davenport and Ronanki’s (2018) article, Artificial Intelligence for the Real World, in HBR is an excellent guide to the management challenges and opportunities of AI. The focus on business benefits and implementation strategies makes it highly relevant to managers.
  3. A longer read on AI is provided in McKinsey Global Institute’s (2017) report Artificial Intelligence: the next digital frontier. A good place to start with this report is with the five case studies, which cover retail, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, and education.

It’s also worth a look at the April 2018 report “AI in the UK: ready, willing and able?” produced by the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence – this provides an in-depth look at the implications of AI for industry and society.

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